Critters Distillery Original Vodka.

Critters is about a journey, not just a spirit.

Derived from the creatures that inhabit our deepest oceans, each drink is a quest for adventure and exploration.

Our Angler Fish carries her distinctive lure, a feature that is only worn by the females, used to attract her prey along with the males of her species who latch on and never let go, which brings truth to the original belief that Vodka awakes lust and improves fertility.

Living in the depths with limited light, adaptive sensory receptors are essential for the fine-tuned Angler Fish. Comparatively, we use analogue instruments and glassware relying on touch, taste and smell. With our fine heart cuts, we don’t need to carbon filter our Vodka, using a double distillation method through an eight-plate column gives our product its own unique characteristics to be savoured and appreciated.

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Critters Vodka Woolgoolga


Drinking the vodka neat is best as it allows for the natural flavours of the raw ingredients to be appreciated. The warm notes from our single origin wheat malt blends with the caramel and molasses base from the 100% cane sugar bringing a smooth and slightly sweet taste.

We also enjoy our vodka with a dash of soda water with lime quarters on ice, which leaves a crisp and clean palate perfect for any afternoon tipple or with a hint of dry ginger ale also accompanied with lime and ice. For the sweet tooth, our vodka makes an easy transition into your favourite cocktail or with lemonade. The White Russian is an easy ‘go to’ for a night cap or aperitif.

The Finest Ingredients.

We only use Australian raw ingredients source locally where possible.  We undertake all the fermenting within our distillery allowing us to manage and oversee every step of the process.  As a result, the process is slower as we do not import mass produced ethanol.  We strive to produce a premium product giving quality assurance, which you can enjoy in confidence knowing the origin and the journey.

Our sugar is sourced from the oldest continuously operating sugar mill in Australia, the Harwood Refinery Mill, which has been crushing cane since 1874 and sits on the banks of the Clarence River in New South Wales.

Sourcing our wheat from Voyager Craft Malt in the Riverina region in New South Wales allows us to work closely with Australian farmers to be able to provide a high quality and uniquely local product.

Critters Distillery Original Gin.

Critters Distillery Gin is a modern contemporary styled Gin that steps away from the traditional London dry.

Like our Vodka, our Gin is brewed, fermented and distilled in house from a mash blend consisting of small batch single origin wheat malt and 100% cane sugar.

Using locally sourced endemic Australian species for our botanicals, such as Davidson Plum, Finger Lime, Lemon & Aniseed Myrtle, Rosella flower and an organic Juniper, our Gin is light and floral whilst still maintaining a fresh juniper base.

Presented in a French 500ml decanter and wooden stopper this incredibly smooth Gin is best enjoyed with your favourite Mediterranean tonic and garnish.

Offering full paddock to glass transparency without importing any ethanol into our distillery, each bottle is hand labelled and served at 42% abv.

Critters Apparel.

Want to be a Critters ambassador and be a part of the journey, click on the shop button to view our collection of men’s, women’s and unisex styles.